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Welcome to Eat Like Allen.

                              Before - November 2013                              After - November 2015      

  A little over 2 years ago, my wife, Janice was diagnosed with Diabetes. It was quite a shock to us because even though we were both overweight, we generally felt OK. Boy! Were we ever wrong!

  Before Janice was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, our family loved to get together and eat. I was the “chef” for all our family meals and at our larger extended family gatherings. I truly loved cooking. The larger the crowd the more excited I was. I loved taking ingredients and tweaking them to extract the maximum amount of flavor and seeing the pleasure on my family and friends faces as they tasted whatever I created for them. Our children loved playing outdoors with their friends in the neighborhood, running around on their scooters or just riding their bikes. Janice was very active in our children’s school, even volunteering to lead the PTA as President for a few years.

  The problem was, I really did not follow any of the guidelines for “healthy” eating. My food tasted great, everyone looked forward to family gatherings when I was cooking, but the food I cooked back then was loaded with all of the unhealthy things we avoid now. As I said, we felt fine, so who cared about carbs, salt or fat.
  Janice’s illness really came as a surprise at all of us.  She was really sick and we didn’t even know it. Her blood sugar level was 560 and when the doctor at the ER checked her A1C was at 12.1. Janice spent 2 weeks in the hospital transferring between the ICU and CCU units. She was extremely ill and after being discharged from the hospital she was sent home with oxygen tanks and a walker. We did not have any idea on how to treat her or how to make the changes we all so desperately needed.I was no better off than her. My weight over the years had crept up, and up, and up and I was over 500 pounds at my heaviest a year ago. My blood pressure was measured at 190/170 and my heart rate was over 140 while resting. But, if you would ask me, I would say I also felt “fine”.

 Fortunately for us, when Janice got out of the hospital, she was referred to DOLCrx Pharmacy to pick up her insulin and other medications. Before she got sick, Janice was very active and could barely tolerate sitting still for even 5 minutes. When she got out of the hospital, she had to use a walker to get around and had to use an oxygen tank to help her breathe. When we walked into the pharmacy, the pharmacist took one look at Janice and couldn’t believe that she was only 47 years old. Khanh took the time that day to explain how the blood testing machine worked, when to test, how to inject insulin and at what times to inject.

  Before we left Khanh offered to help us understand how food affects your blood sugar levels and what choices were healthy and what was not. She teaches diabetes training and nutrition classes at her pharmacy. We did not know it at the time, but we were very lucky to have been sent to her. She is one of only a handful of certified diabetes educators in the Las Vegas area. With her help and guidance, I have lost over 200 pounds so far and my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have dropped to well within "normal" ranges and Janice has lost over 80 pounds so far and her latest A1C test results showed a reading of only 5.6.

For the past 2 years Janice and I have been going to nutrition classes at DOLCrx Pharmacy. We have learned together what are “Healthy” choices to make when grocery shopping. I have also done extensive research on healthy alternatives to the foods that we enjoyed but were not good for us. I have spent the past year tweaking recipes to get the maximum flavor out of the most nutritious foods. I have learned to balance flavor and nutrition to give us the healthiest food for our family and now we want to share that knowledge with you. 

Please join us on our journey and feel free to ask any question you may have about our eating adventures so far.