Eat Like Allen Diabetic friendly & heart healthy meals delivered fresh to your door, Never frozen, just Heat & Eat

Services Offered

Home Delivery Meal Preparation:  
We offer a variety of meals, freshly prepared and delivered up to 3 times a week right to your front door. 

                                   Avocado Toast   Fuel 2 Go Muffin    Chicken Wrap    Greek Yogurt & Berries       Eggplant Parmesan

Meal Preparation and Delivery:

During our successful journey to better health we have learned through research to use many methods, proper measurements and nutritional balance to create recipes and prepare flavorful food combinations that have become our way of life.

We are excited to share our knowledge and prepare these delicious, flavorful, and satisfying meals for others to enjoy.

You will lose or maintain your weight, stay satisfied and keep your blood sugar stable enjoying foods made with the optimal blend of Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins and sugars.

We focus on providing you with a balance nutrition plan with approximately 40% Carbohydrates, 40% Proteins and 20% fat.

We only use whole grains in our food preparation. Low-glycemic carbohydrates help you release glucose slowly to prevent blood sugar spikes and help you feel fuller longer.

We only use olive oils and/or coconut oil in food preparation. Moderate levels of fats also help keep blood sugar levels steadier since they take longer to digest.

Lean protein helps fight hunger and retain lean muscle mass—even as the weight comes off.


We use Low-glycemic index and American Diabetes Association approved sweeteners in all our preparations 

There's no need to count calories, carbs or points. Every Eat Like Allen menu item arrives at your door already portioned just right and ready to enjoy in minutes.  Everything comes with just the right blend of Proteins, "Good" Carbs, and Fiber to promote healthy weight loss. 

We answer the "What should I eat today?" question. We provide you with flavorful food choices at the right time. 

Our program is designed to be as flexible as you need. We will deliver as many meals per week as you order. Meals are prepared and delivered free anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley (with minimum $50 purchase).  Email or call us to discuss your personal needs. We can customize a plan just for you. Some of our more popular options include:

"Full Service Plan" which includes 21 meals (breakfasts, lunches & dinners) plus 14 snacks, prepared fresh and delivered to you 3 times weekly. With this plan you don't have to do any shopping or meal planning. No running to the grocery for fruits, vegetables, special spices or one-time ingredients which can be costly.This is our most complete and nutritionally balanced plan. $199.00 week

"I Can make Breakfast Plan" which includes 14 meals (lunches & dinners) and 14 snacks prepared fresh and delivered to you 3 times a week. If you prefer to make yourself a great breakfast, we can help you with the rest of the day!   $150.00 week

"Work Lunch Plan" which consists of 5 meal expertly prepared and delivered to you 2 times per week to either your home or office. Lunch is one of the most difficult meals to get the balanced nutrition your body needs (especially while eating out!)  $50.00 week 

"A la Carte" Choose any quantity of meals from the menu, choose your delivery date (Monday, Wednesday or Friday). We will call to schedule your delivery date and time. 

Ordering is very easy: 

  • Go to "Shop" Menu page
  • Choose your meals from our extensive weekly menu 
  • Order and checkout online 
  • Receive your delivery of freshly prepared meals
  • Heat, Eat and Enjoy!
Call or email us today to get started on your path to success! 
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